Mt Sumagaya Creek Orchids

Our nursery is located in the middle of the mountain range of Claveria, Mindanao, at the foot of Mt. Sumagaya, about 950 meters above sea level. We are specialized in growing and propagating all kinds of orchid species from all over Asia, suitable to the existing intermediate climate conditions. Making the first trip 2005 into the mountains over the ridge of Lanisse, looking into the valley of Mat-I, the pristine jungle of Mindanao opened ahead and it felt like entering paradise. It was love at first sight, and here we are.

Aside from having perfect weather conditions for growing orchid plants, one of the reasons for choosing our nursery site was to help local people to improve their way of living by providing them with jobs and a secure income. Although our operation here is only existing for 9 years and is still small, we hope that we can contribute to show the world the beauty of Mindanao and The Philippines.

Over the past years our consistent efforts to protect the orchid species in our mountains had the result that the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Philippines granted us the status of an Orchid Plant Conservatory by issuing a Wildlife Farming Permit in June 2016.

Our philosophy
Mt. Sumagaya Creek aims to promote the beautiful Orchids of South East Asia and help the livelihood of the people surrounding these treasures.
Goals & values
  • Protecting the environment around our mountains and in Mindanao
  • Show the world the beautiful orchid plants of the Philippines
  • Re-introduce lost species to nature by laboratory breeding and seeding
Some of our Orchids
Aerides Magnifica
Bulb Tenuifolium
Den Bellatulum
Den Vanoverberghii
Gros Triperca