Species: Arachnis flos-eris

Synonym: Aerides arachnites

Common Name: The Air Flower Arachnis

Size: 4″ [10 cm]

Found on the Malaysian pennisula as well as Sumatra, Java, Borneo and the Philippines in mangroves and along rivers at elevations of sea level to 1000 meters as a as a large to giant sized, warm growing monopodial, climbing epiphyte or scrambling lithophyte often over 15′ tall, with terete, elongate, scandent stems carrying ligulate or linear-oblong, curved, slightly twisted, notched and gradually narrowing towards the apex, basally clasping leaves that are pierced below at intervals by roots and blooms on a simple or branched, axillary, to 4′ [120 cm] long, ascending to drooping inflorescence with many widely spaced flowers with a strong musky to sweet scent occuring in humid environments almost continuously but most in the fall.