Aerides quinquevulnera var. purpurata


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Aerides quinquevulnera var.purpurata is endemic to the Philippines and distributed in the provinces of Quezon, Rizal and Zambales on Luzon, as well as on the islands of Mindoro and Negros in the Visayan Sea. The plants grow as epiphytes at altitudes of up to 300 meters.

  • The plants offered are in a 12 cm grid pot. Imported from the Philippines.
  • Water requirement: Medium (water twice a week in summer. Water more carefully in winter, but never let it dry out completely. No waterlogging.
  • Climate: Tropical (ideally between 18 and 28 degrees)
  • Fertilizing: Fertilize once a week during the summer months with a low concentration. Fertilize at half concentration once a month in the winter months.
  • We send orchids to all EU countries. If you are not from the EU area, please send us a message before you buy.

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