Bulbophyllum maquilingense


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The genus Bulbophyllum is the largest, with around 1800 known species. They are found in all tropical regions of the world. New, undisclosed species, are still discovered every month. This species is endemic to the Philippines and grows in the highlands of Mindanao, in the temperate area. The plants offered are potted in 6 cm pots.

  • Water requirement: Medium, water twice a week in summer. Water more carefully in winter, but never let it dry completely. No waterlogging.
  • Climate: Tropical (ideally between 14 and 22 degrees) Fertilizing: Fertilize once a week during the summer months with a low concentration. Fertilize at half concentration once a month in the winter months
  • We send our orchids to all EU staates.
  • It is also possible to send the orchids to other countries. Therefore, please clarify the terms with us before making a purchase.
  • Strong, blooming plants.

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