Bulbophyllum monstrabile


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Bulbophyllum mostrabile is endemic to the Philippines and can only be found in Mindanao at an elevation of 800 to 1000 meter above see level. For a long time was this species considered the biggest existing plant of the genera Bulbophyllum. The plant can grow from the bottom of a tree, climbing up to the top of it, more then 30 meter up to the crown of the tree. The flowers can reach the size of a man`s fist, but never fully opens.


  • Medium to large plant.
  • intermediate to warm growing plant.
  • Water more often in summer. Keep media moist all the time.
  • Shadey, no direct sunlight. Easy to propagate.
  • Flower of this Bulbophylum is purple and does not open fully with a minimal spicy lemon fragrance.

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