Micropera utriculosa


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Monopodial growing orchid species from the Philippines.

Professor Oakes Ames named this plant first in 1915 as Camarotis utriculosa. In 1972 the species was renamed by Leslie Garay, published in the Botanical Museum Leaflets of Harvard University. The specific epithet refers to the inflated spur of the species.

This species is endemic to the Philippines and has been found in the forrests of Luzon and Mindanao. It grows as an epiphyte at an altitude of up to 1,000 meter.

The plants are growing in nature in full sunlight.

The offered plants are potted in a 9cm pot. They should be regularly being sprayed with water (at least once a week).

Light: Shade, no direct sunlight.

Temperature: 16-22 degree celcius

Water: Once a week

Fertilizer: twice a month during active growth.

Pot size: 9 cm pot

Plant size: See pictures for actual size of the available plant.

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