Phalaenopsis philippinensis


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Andres Golamco Jr. first described this species in the Philippine Orchid Review in 1984, but did not give a Latin diagnoses. Dr. Jack Fowlei and C.Z. Tang named this plant correctly in 1987, in The Orchid Digest Published. The specific epiphyte refers to this plant country of origin, the Philippines.

Habitat: Phalaenopsis philippinensis is endemic to the Philippines. It grows as epiphyte at elevation at about 1200 metres, normally close to water.

Growth habit: upright, monopodial

Flower colour: ranges from milky white to very pale pink. The lateral lobes of the labellum are bright yellow with red striping near the centre and this is the distinguishing feature of this beautiful species.

  • Plants are offered as young plants in 9 cm pots.
  • Water thoroughly once a week with a low concentration of fertilizer.
  • Plant has to be good shaded, no direct sunlight.

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